Find Upholsters London

In today’s modern society it is all too easy to throw away old furniture and buy something new but here at Northbrook Furniture Ltd we pride ourselves in giving your old furniture a new lease of life. Furniture has a special place in our homes and businesses; it can be extremely time-consuming to find something new when you previous items perfectly fit the job.

Our upholstery services can be used on various items of furniture and you will often save money by working with what you have got, as we all know brand new quality pieces of furniture come with a very high price tag.

We tailor our services around you, taking the time to understand your vision and turn this into a reality. By choosing us you are guaranteed to have the benefit of our expertise and professional approach. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and always aim to exceed your expectations.

When looking to find upholsters London, look no further. For more information on our services call us now on 0203 488 2660, we will be happy to answer your queries and you are under no obligation to proceed – of course we hope that you will want to!